The introduction of every Christian into a real personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST… John 12:32


Knowing the truth of GOD’s love for freedom… John 8:32.


Have the faith of GOD to live the life of GOD… Mark 11:22-25


How to hear GOD’s voice accurately for yourself and other… John 10:27,5


The supernatural life of GOD through the prophetic… Ezekiel 47; Hebrews 1:1-2

Putting off the old man and putting on the new man to enable you to live the full life that GOD made for you. Ephesians 4:23

I heard about KCC sometime last year and joined once or twice (befit I became consistent this year) I joined in on the 24 hour prayer in March?(not the full 24hours- let me admit). I found it uplifting. Towards the end of the vigil, PD prophesied and said we will testify by June. I really wanted this (there were a number of things I was praying about and I thought June would be the month where I tick them all off my prayer list as ANSWERED). So I wrote “the vision and made it plain” that I may testify in June. I forgot about it for a while, and just before the next 24 hour vigil I brought out my special note book and saw that I had a testimony coming up.
Throughout the month of June I kept reminding God that I will have a testimony by June, I will testify in June. Towards the end of the month I started thinking of what I could testify about, but I didn’t really want to “help” God and manufacture a testimony. I nicely remembered that my passport had expired in June. I miraculously got a date that was favorable for me (the Nigerian embassy gave me a late that was too late, I was planning on flying out before the interview date) I kindly requested a new date and I was given one. When I got to the embassy and presented my slip and my new date, it nearly caused a problem, as “they usually don’t change dates” - I remember I had joined the Lunch Hour Prayer and PD asked us to confess that we have favor. So I did this before I left my house and on my way to the embassy.
Finally got to my turn for my biometrics and passport renewal. First of all the gentleman who attended to me was from the same state as me. This just made the process a little less uptight for me. I’m conversation, I asked when my passport would be ready, and to my dismay, he said a date that was too late (again I am planning to travel before the date he mentioned). Kindly asked if I could get it sooner, and just then his boss had walked in to give him instructions, after receiving the instructions, he asked his boss if I could get my passport sooner than the 4 weeks I was initially promised. Nonchalantly replied, “yes”, “end of the week” (note this was on a Wednesday). I was asked to check back the next day. I was extremely grateful to God for this and still kind of hoping it would really be ready by the end of the week. On my way out, I got a call from a lady that was meant to help me with the whole process. I saw her and explained that I was asked to check back the next day, she laughed and said not to bother, it won’t be ready. I said okay. Thank you. But I went back the next day... and it was ready. Won’t He do It! Thank Jesus. This wasn’t a testimony or a prayer point I had in mind when PD said testimony by June. I was thinking bigger; job, favour with family, relationships... just something else I had been praying about. Towards the end of June I found I was becoming a bit low and asking God about my June testimony, and reminding Him. I soon realised it may not have been what I was expecting, but it was a testimony. I felt led to share and say thank you. God bless you all. Hopefully, when I’m back in Nigeria, I’ll be able to join in person.

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